Why we recommend you try cosplay the flash in this Halloween?

If you are a cosplayer, then you probably remember the moment when you first thought about cosplay, and how you will deal with it in the future. At first, these thoughts haunt you, and you already see the collapse of this venture. But no, soon your idea will find its final “skeleton”, then it will become “blood” and “flesh” from words, and you will ask one of your friends or acquaintances from experienced cosplayers your first question in this area: “And who should we cosplay? ”

the flash costumes

We must say that this excruciating question excites not only beginners, although they are more naturally. Sooner or later, any person who decides to make a new costume returns to him. Now Why we recommend you try cosplay the flash in this Halloween?Let us find out.

What Rules Must Be Followed In Order To Create The First Cosplay?

Accept that you will not cosplay your favorite, but suitable characters. Match the figure, height, type of face and more. Yes, you cannot get a penny for this, but you will be judged as a professional. You went on stage or on a special site, nobody forced you, mind you. And since you are out, people are waiting for you from the promised character, made as similar as possible.

the flash costumes


Colored hair does not look very voluminous, because hairstyles are often very large. Yes, and we will not repaint every month from red to green. The wig should be of high quality and without shine, like from a carnival store. You can order in China (which is cheaper) or buy by hand or from intermediaries. The likelihood that the wig will immediately be on the character is extremely small (either it will cost a hoo), then you need to cut it and put it (tutorials on the Internet to help, everything is pretty clear there), or find someone who will do it for you (expensive, but it is better to entrust the regional to the pros). Try not to take characters with combed hair for the first time, it is difficult and dreary, you will need to alter the wig. From CosSuits you get the best info now.


Even without a suit, but in the right wig, you already look like a character. You can, for example, take a picture in a maid’s dress and say that this is a maid version. But if you still decide to sew a suit, you need a pattern and fabric. There are patterns even for certain characters, google is happy to share it. If this is not the case, you will have to understand what is put on the hero and look already for items of clothing. It is better to take fabric with a margin. Not gabardine (except school uniforms) and not atlas. These are the cheapest fabrics that look as well. Do not skimp on doubler.


the flash costumes

If you think that nobody will notice that little pebble on the sleeve, they will notice. Make a miserable pebble.


Often it is optional. Better not do anything than go out with a cardboard stick. But if a crater has woken up in you, write down the magic words “epoxy”, “polyurethane foam” and “expanded polystyrene” and run to the hardware store. Should you liked the flash costumes with you want to be given guidance with regards to cossuits.com kindly stop by our own webpage.

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