Frequently Asked Questions
Wolvie wants you to read up on Alternate Marvel.
So what is “Alternate Marvel”?
A. Alternate Marvel is a group of fan fiction that diverges itself from the Marvel Comics (see Marvel Comics for more details) timeline.
At which point does Alternate Marvel diverge from standard Marvel?
A. Read and find out! Only kidding. Actually, the Alternate Marvel timeline breaks off from the standard Marvel timeline in the battle against Onslaught. Rather than the heroes sacrificing themselves and Heroes Reborn happening, the heroes instead call on every known hero in the Marvel Universe to do battle with Onslaught. Sheer numbers and a few good tricks (see the prologue story for a much more detailed explanation) finally bring about the defeat of Onslaught, as well as several other changes.
If there’s no Heroes Reborn, then there’s no Thunderbolts?
A. Actually, the way it worked out is Baron Zemo saw a chance for villains to pose as heroes and help during the battle of Onslaught since all kinds of heroes were running about (no one would question the help of five or six additional ‘heroes’) and thus earn the trust of the heroes and hope to gain access to all the information in Avengers Mansion as well as Four Freedom’s Plaza. What happens next you will have to wait and see.
I’ve noticed some old teams have resurfaced?
A. Of course. With all these heroes running around, old friends are going to run into each other, work with one another, see what a good team they once made, and reform old teams.
Why do some issues start with #1 and others do not?
A. The way Alternate Marvel works, since there is no Heroes Reborn, is that we’re picking it up from where the regular issues left off, thus using their numbering system. So, for example, if Avengers were on issue #402 during Onslaught, our work will pick up with #403. The other series beginning with issue #1 typically are comics that either came about after Onslaught or were canceled before Onslaught and are thus considered the next volume. New Warriors is the exception. It was canceled so shortly before Onslaught that we decided to keep its original numbering.
Can I join as a new writer?
Unfortunately, at this time we’re putting a hiring freeze on until we grow into our new writers. Check back later, however. We’ll be opening back up soon.
If I want to write a story, can I use one of the characters?
A. Please e-mail our webmaster about it first. Some characters are reserved and would require permission from the reserving author before using them. Also, it has to fit into the timeline in which Alternate Marvel runs. For example, if you wanted to write a story using Cyclops, you’d have to contact the current X-Men writer and see what his or her plans are for that character and make sure it doesn’t conflict with yours.
Can I write about the Age of Apocalypse? Days of Future Past? Or any of those?
A. Unfortunately, to avoid confusion, we don’t allow alternate reality based stories to be the ‘main’ focus. So while a character or a team of characters may slide into Age of Apocalypse for three issues, the entire series can not be based on Age of Apocalypse. (We ask that time slide stories last no more than three issues). This also holds true for ‘alternate’ characters: The Age of Apocalypse version of Wolverine, for example, cannot be brought into the regular Alternate Marvel Universe. If you ask why–it’s best explained, simply because Alternate Marvel is already an alternate universe. It’d only grow more confusing having alternate universes about an alternate universe, or characters based from the said universe. This also prevents ruining our ‘Reserve’ character rules we have. For example, if the X-Men writer has Wolverine reserved, and a new writer comes along and wants to do something with Wolverine but the X-Men writer has Wolverine tied up for quite some time and cannot share him, this stops the other writer from simply making the Age of Apocalypse Wolverine suddenly become the main character in Alternate Marvel, just because the X-Men writer was unable to share him. There is no exception to this rule.
What about Ultraverse or something like that?
A. Unfortunately, once again, the answer is no. This is Alternate Marvel, focusing on Marvel’s main Universe (diverging from Onslaught). So things like Ultraverse and characters based from Ultraverse cannot be used. The general rule here is this: If the character is a Marvel original and went to Ultraverse and back, that character is okay (for example, Juggernaut). However, if the character is an Ultraverse-based character, (like Prime), and had been in the Marvel universe, he cannot be used. There are no exceptions to this rule.
What do you think of resurrections?
A. Not much. Depends. Things like resurrecting Aunt May? No. If you want a character alive, keep that character alive. Things like resurrecting Optimus Prime? Would there be any question about it?
I had an e-mail account with Altmarvel while I was with you. After quitting, is it still valid?
A. Depends on if we’ve archived it or not. As soon as you leave Altmarvel, if you’ve made a significant contribution, then you’re most likely still in our directory and your e-mail address will still be valid to field any reader questions or feedback. If not, then it will be promptly removed. If you’re in doubt, check the Staff page for your name. If you find it, your e-mail address is still valid.
Can I have stories removed from Altmarvel if I’ve written them and no longer want them to appear in the listings?
A. Unfortunately not. If you write a story for Alternate Marvel, you are agreeing that it becomes the property of Alternate Marvel and its continuity, Web site, and mailing list. These stories are actually part of continuity, and may be referenced in other stories or the events in your stories will lead to events in stories from other writers. We have to claim all Altmarvel stories as Altmarvel property.
Can I have my name removed from some stories?
A. This we can do. If you would rather not be associated with a story after quitting, we can feed the public some coverup.